Let us share a secret with you: not every month, week, or day of the year is the same for the real estate market. While KALEO agents always advise clients that it’s challenging to perfectly time the market, considering factors like mortgage rates, available inventory, and personal circumstances, our agents recently stumbled upon an intriguing finding from REALTOR.com.

You may be asking, what week will be the most advantageous to search for a home as a home buyer? “Realtor.com® has crunched the data and determined that the best week to buy a home in 2023 will be October 1–7.”*

As we bid farewell to September, even if you’ve temporarily halted your home-buying search, KALEO agents encourage you to reach out to them. Let’s explore which properties fit your needs. For current homeowners contemplating the sale and purchase of their next house, you may have more options than you realize. There are special programs with lenders that allow you to secure your new home first, move in, and subsequently list and sell your current residence. A KALEO agent can coordinate the sale and purchase in a contract, making it a contingent sale. Alternatively, you can sell your home, remain in possession, and even rent the house back from the buyer.

“Determined buyers who’ve been understandably waylaid by the onslaught of housing affordability hurdles might want to consider a critical real estate fact: High interest rates discourage competition from other buyers, especially homeowners who would like to trade up into a larger home or downsize into a smaller one.”*

October presents an excellent opportunity to list and buy. Listing your property in October increases the likelihood of closing the deal before the holidays, allowing you to take advantage of the robust market that 2023 has presented us with.

Ultimately, the best week to buy a home in 2023 is the one when you find a home that suits your budget, personal needs, and life circumstances. 

Are you grappling with questions about selling an inherited property? Are you evaluating the pros and cons of leasing versus selling a property to cash out on your investment? Perhaps you’re contemplating leveraging your equity for your next home.

Connect with a KALEO agent this week to discuss how you can leverage the “best week in 2023″ to find and purchase the home you need. 

Source: *https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/the-best-week-to-buy-a-home-in-2023-is-coming-are-you-ready-to-make-your-move/

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