Real estate is a popular topic for backyard BBQs, back-to-school nights, and running into someone at the grocery store. The quick take on today’s market: inventory is low which is propping up home prices. Baby boomers are a large portion of today’s home buyers, and they are paying all cash. Home buyers who are financing are adhering to the adage that — if interest rates go up, good for you. If they go down, then refinance. 

Many moves are motivated by life decisions, but occasionally our agents hear from clients: “I would move if I could find a deal.”

What is a “deal” in real estate? A deal in real estate is that mythic scenario of buying a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood, great location, at a great price. A deal for the seller is when the buyer doesn’t haggle over repairs, stays on target with the timeframes, and closes without any last minute hiccups. 

Are there still deals in today’s market? Yes! But deals don’t always display DEAL in bright red letters in the MLS listing. When our agents are representing a buyer, a deal is often the diamond in the rough. The MLS photos don’t show the view or the large, but unkept, backyard which is perfect for the hobby gardener who can invest some sweat equity and create a backyard paradise.

Much of our agents’ roles as a REALTOR is to be a deal maker. KALEO agents identify and anticipate the deal breakers and negotiate with the other side to the KALEO agent’s client’s advantage. Negotiation is a day-to-day part of our agents’ business.

Is a “deal” for you selling without having to do any repairs? Having an extra 30 days in the home? Call one of our agents and they can talk through what would make the transaction a “deal” for you. 

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