Is the home office or homework den here to stay? During the pandemic, many contractors started receiving interesting project requests: can you put up a wall? Can you enclose this space? Goodbye to open-concept floor plans and hello to private spaces and home offices.

As we are a couple of years past the pandemic, buyer preferences now favor flexibility. The classic “bonus room” or extra bedroom can be what you need it to be: craft room, office, homework room, yoga studio, guest room, the list goes on!  

School districts remain a high priority for many home buyers. School districts with higher average graduation rates, smaller student-teacher ratios, specialty programs for sports or the arts, and advanced (IB and AP) class options are all popular. If you are considering a move and your primary motivation is the school district, then take a look at the California Department of Education website which includes a “School Accountability Report Card” (SARC) for Kindergarten through 12th grade schools. Here is the website link:

Another way to get more detailed information about schools is by visiting the school’s website or by calling the school directly.

KALEO real estate agents like to do in-person buyer consultations so they can go through what your top priorities are in a home. For some, the top priority is a school district, a huge window in the front of the house, a bonus room, or a half-acre lot. Whatever your non-negotiables are, KALEO agents want to know them.

Low inventory remains a challenge for some home buyers because the home they want is not on the market. If that is you, contact a KALEO agent to meet up regardless and talk! They network with agents inside and outside the office, and they will do everything they can to help you find the home that fits your needs.

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