As the weather warms up, we head outside for evening walks, watching the sunset, and dining alfresco. A home’s desirability, and ultimately the price that the buyer is willing to pay, depends on several factors including: market conditions, location, age of the home, improvements, remodels, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of lot, and more. Many home buyers are drawn to properties with livable outdoor space. There is an enormous difference between a property that has an undeveloped dirt backyard and a property that has a covered patio, built in barbeque, gardens, and a pristine lawn. 

When it comes to front yards and backyards, there is landscaping and hardscaping. “Landscapes consist of everything natural in your yard: your lawn, your mulch beds and the plants that go in your gardens. While hardscapes serve a practical purpose, the main draw of a landscape is its beauty.”  

“Hardscapes consist of the hard surfaces around your home that you can walk on, set up furniture on or even drive your car on. Your hardscapes should prioritize practicality and durability.”*

While it can be tempting to head to Home Depot and DIY a project in the backyard, do your research ahead of time and know your limits. Some projects are best done by professionals, or at least, professional DIY-ers. With Youtube tutorials abounding, it can be easy to underestimate how much work that backyard project will be.

Here are 3 desirable outdoor features:

1. Pavers – Pavers make a great addition to the front or backyard and can add a higher end look. 

2. Covered Space – Having a covered patio makes it easier for guests to stay in the shade and gives you more entertaining options. Shade also extends the life of patio furniture, cushions, and is necessary for certain plants. 

3 – Multi-Function Grassy Areas – Your turf side yard could be a badminton court, a mini putting green, or perfect for playing cornhole. Grassy flat areas make good spots for activities. 

When your backyard can’t be remodeled or landscaped to your needs, then sometimes your only option is looking for a new home. You can’t double the size of your backyard by planting a garden; for an entirely different space or more functionality, sometimes you have to start your home search.

If your backyard is too much of a project to take on, but you still need to sell, call a KALEO REALTOR! There are creative ways for us to maximize your property’s features so that a future buyer can envision how they can make the space their own.

As always, call, text, email us with questions. 


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