With Memorial Day Weekend and summer around the corner, swimming pools are top of mind. If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, then you are most likely wondering: who do I know with a pool? 

California is estimated to have over 1.3 million residential pools, with most of the country’s swimming pools in the warmer states like California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida*. Homeowners love their pools: swimming pools make great summertime parties and often add value to a home. However, pools are not without maintenance requirements.

Pools often prompt real estate decisions. You might own a home with a pool and you are done with the cost of maintenance and upkeep: you might need to sell your home. Alternatively, you might be looking for a home with a pool so that you have a backyard designed for entertaining and having people over: you might start your home buying search. Whatever camp you are in, I am happy to help as your real estate agent. 


Here are 4 Pool Care Mistakes from the California Association of REALTORS

1. Using the wrong chemicals

2. Failing to clean the filters

3. Only servicing the pool when it is hot

4. Not putting up a fence 

Ahead of summertime, check out Pool Safety which is a government website with pool safety tips: https://www.poolsafely.gov/parents/safety-tips/

Does having a pool automatically make a home more valuable? As with many things in real estate, it depends! Is it a new pool? Is the pool consistent with the architecture and design of the home? Are pools a popular feature in that community? If you need a nuanced value of your home’s worth, reach out to me and I can come to your property and take a look in-person.



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