Why do we shop at certain stores: Trader Joe’s, Costco, or Whole Foods? Why do we book certain hotels: Hyatt, Hilton, or Embassy Suites? When we spend our time and money, we want value. 

Value motivates our choices. 

Selling a house is not as easy as ordering an Uber, despite what flashy apps and advertisements might say. Selling a home involves tough conversations, talking through what your timeline needs to be, and sometimes processing that saying goodbye to a home can be bittersweet. KALEO agents are ready to help you sell a rental property that might have very little sentimental attachment, or your grandmother’s home where you made memories. KALEO agents know that how we do business adjusts to your needs.

At KALEO, we consider ourselves to be the conduit that helps your escrow go smoothly. We sketch out a picture of what your next 30-90 days might look like if you are buying a home or putting your home on the market. 

When you look for a REALTOR, look for someone who you TRUST, who is COMPETENT, and who you LIKE. Late night phone calls about repairs, early morning appointments for inspections, and all the negotiations mean that we spend a lot of time communicating. 


If you are on the fence about buying or selling this spring (and almost summer), here are 3 things to consider:

1 – Although mortgage rates are higher, home buying is an important part of the American Dream and people still want this. The interest in the Cal HFA Dream for All Shared Equity Loan Program demonstrated Californians want to buy homes.

2 – Inventory remains tied up because homeowners are attached to their low interest rates (the mortgage rate lock-in effect).

3 – New Homes remain an option for home buyers who do not want to buy a home that has costly future repairs. Although there are a lot of older homes locally, there are still new build communities and I can represent you as a Buyer’s Agent.

If you trust KALEO agents, think we know what we are doing, and like us, then please pass on our contact information to friends and family who are considering buying or selling. 

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