The condition of homes on the market varies wildly, from the pristine new builds with shiny countertops, to homes that are practically in tear down condition. How does a property get to the point of needing to be stripped to the studs and rebuilt? Maintenance that is continually deferred, or as we call it in the industry “deferred maintenance“.


Deferred maintenance could range from a leaking roof, broken windows, rotted fascia, peeling paint, or other parts of the property that haven’t been maintained. What keeps homeowners from doing necessary repairs? Time, money, lack of awareness, or simply feeling overwhelmed by enormous projects.


We understand why deferred maintenance happens — home ownership can be expensive and also difficult, especially for people that might not have the mobility to DIY it or the finances to hire someone. If that is you, I would love to talk with you about finding a solution that works for you. I am here for you. 

As a brokerage with dozens of REALTORs, you might see the pretty listing photos displayed more prominently in marketing, but it is important to say that our office lists and sells property in ALL conditions. Don’t be afraid to reach out about a home with deferred maintenance whether it is yours or a family member’s. 


When one of our agent’s lists a property with deferred maintenance, we like to have conversations upfront with the seller about what type of buyers who might be interested. Requests for repairs might come up in escrow, but you also might end up with a more aggressive investor who wants a substantial price cut because they want to flip it. 


If one of our agent’s is representing a buyer in the purchase of a home with deferred maintenance, we will spend time discussing the future cost of replacement, upkeep, and any potential issues that a lender might have.


If this prompts you with more questions, please call our office at (626)609-2130 and we would love to talk! 

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