Whether you hosted Thanksgiving or are preparing to host Christmas, during the holidays most people have more guests in their house than during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, sometimes this brings out our “house insecurities”. Having guests in your house can remind you that it isn’t show ready — that there is paint peeling, the bathroom remodel never quite got finished, or that the drought killed your front lawn.

People take pride in their homes. Not every house is HGTV, camera ready, pristine and un-lived in. Social media and TV shows can give you unrealistic expectations of what homes look like. Most of our houses have a few scratches and dents so to speak. 

4 Home Maintenance Tasks for the Holiday Season

If you do want to tackle any home maintenance projects ahead of the holidays, here are a few recommendations: 

1. Trim any trees and make sure there are no branches close to the house that could be blown down during a windstorm. A qualified tree trimmer can make sure those beautiful old oak trees don’t become a disaster! 

2. Before starting a cozy fire in your fireplace, make sure the chimney and flue are in good condition. 

3. Pack away your summer outdoor furniture and games so the cold weather and rain don’t damage them.

4. Have a professional checkout your roof and rain gutters so the next rainstorm doesn’t become an issue. 

If you are setting up a Christmas tree or arranging holiday decorations, a quick vacuum and dusting goes a long way! Otherwise you might end up with a whole colony of dust bunnies when you take everything down in January. 

In most of Southern California you don’t have to worry about seeing ice on your windshield in the early mornings. However, if you are planning a weekend getaway to Big Bear Lake or Arrowhead you might need car chains! 


Ultimately, we always want our clients to feel comfortable when one of our real estate agents come by their home, whether we are meeting for a listing consultation or just getting together. Our real estate agents sell all types of houses! Quirky, cookie cutter, big, small, multi-level and sprawling ranch homes. We take all sorts of listings: trust sales, probates, divorce sales, and more. 

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