This past week the California Association of REALTORS had their annual conference and expo in Long Beach, California. Realtors from all over the state come together to learn, grow, and expand their knowledge base. Real Estate is an industry that is always evolving and growing.

At KALEO Real Estate Company, we always seek to better serve my clients, create a more smooth experience from opening escrow to closing, and make sure your questions are getting answered. Communication and education are a big part of a real estate agent’s role in a transaction. 


Here are 5 things that your REALTOR wishes you knew:  

1: We can’t read your mind.

I have a lot of skills, but I am not a mindreader. If the type of house you are looking for changes, you get cold feet, or you need to talk through some mental hurdles, please share with me! 


2: We do more than just opening up a house, we negotiate and act as your fiduciary.

Being a real estate agent, we have a duty to put your interests above our own. We don’t just open up a house for you to walk through — we are advocating for you during escrow and showing you your rights and options whether you are a buyer or seller. 

3: We still have to sleep too.

All agents have different office hours from “8am to 8pm” or “10am to 6pm” and my goal is to always work around my client’s schedules as much as possible. That said, it is hard to get a 5am showing on most properties if there is someone who lives there! 

4: Being on the same page with your partner or whoever you are buying a house with is so important.

Whether it is your parents helping with a down payment or you and your partner purchasing a home together, when there are more than 1 person involved in a deal then that means different expectations and wish lists. Make sure you have quality sit down conversations so that you all are in sync. 

5: It is your mortgage and your sale, we care about you making the right decision for you.

Our office is not going anywhere. If you need to sell your home today or in 5 years, we are happy to be of service

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