Our real estate agents are asked: “But seriously, how is the real estate market?”
You see the headlines:
What we care about is what is behind your question:
Are you considering selling?
Are you thinking of buying a house for your kids?
Are you in the process of moving parents out of their home and into assisted living?
We can talk about housing market predictions, economic ups and downs, and the inventory levels locally, but the goal is to get to the heart of how our real estate agents can help you.
We are a real estate brokerage, with over 50 REALTORS for you to choose from. Our REALTORS don’t jump in when the For Sale sign goes into the yard. A REALTOR can start helping you way before it hits the market officially.
Doomsday headlines and naysayers can create a lot of anxiety about the real estate decisions we need to make and so here is the reminder: there are opportunities and options in any real estate market and you are not stuck.
 3 real estate opportunities

The Upside of a Shifting Real Estate Market for Home Buyers and Home Sellers

Upside for Home Buyers:

Compared to last year, Buyers have much better negotiation leverage although they are facing higher mortgage interest rates. A home buyer in October is more likely to be able to request a seller credit, get repairs made, offer under list price, and keep their cancellation rights in place. There is opportunity for a buyer who is ready to make the move. If that is you, then call (626) 609-2130 today! You can meet with one of our REALTORS for a buyer consultation. Whether you have bought several times or this is your first home, let’s connect. 


Upside for Home Sellers:

If you are selling and buying (in or out of state), you will have a much easier time this year negotiating your sale being contingent on your closing on your replacement property. Instead of moving twice or renting back your house from the new buyer (more common in 2021), you can close escrow on your sale and purchase simultaneously. During the past couple years, home buyers were waiving their cancellation rights, but that didn’t mean that cancellations didn’t happen. Buyers still cancelled last year — our theory was that some of the urgency and hectic deadlines for submitting offers made home buyers get wet feet once they were in escrow. A home buyer today is most likely serious and because the home buyer has more time to make the decision to write up an offer after seeing the property, the buyer feels like they are not as pressured into the decision. 

How are you feeling about the current real estate market? Does it seem easier or more difficult to achieve your real estate goals? 

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