Have you considering studying for your California real estate license so that you can represent yourself to buy or sell your own home? You are not alone! Many people who get into real estate are motivated by being able to be their own real estate agent. The cost to purchase real estate courses, take the exam, and get licensed are relatively low compared to other professions that require licenses. Your California real estate license is not predicated on a certain number of years of schooling or a specific degree. 


Do you have a real estate license that hangs inactive and you are considering listing your home?
Are you currently unlicensed, but considering going through the real estate licensing courses so that you can list your own home for sale? Continue reading and reach out to us at (626) 609-2130 so that we can help you weigh out the costs and benefits. 


How easy is it to get your California Real Estate license just so you can sell your own home or represent yourself in the purchase of a home?


You would need to go through the schooling to get your real estate license. Once you are licensed, you would go through the interviews with real estate brokerages, join a local association if you wanted to become a REALTOR, and pay for the dues and fees connected to MLS access and setting yourself up.


Why is getting your California Real Estate license to sell your own home not always the best strategy?

1. Real estate is an industry with nuances, contracts, technicalities, and a lot of information to take in. If you need to sell your home quickly, then you might not have the time to study for your real estate exam, pass the test, join the local REALTOR association, and get up to speed in time to sell your house. The pricing of a home, negotiations, and legal documents and disclosures that are required to transfer property are all things that real estate agents typically learn after getting their license while they are practicing in the field. If your home is the first property that you sell, then there will be a lot of learning to do! 


2. You might leave money on the table. If you are representing yourself as a real estate agent, sometimes it gets tough to remain objective. Hiring a real estate agent to help you buy or sell your house means that you have a dedicated professional who is working on your behalf.


3. Selling your house is stressful and time-consuming and if you have another job and are trying to juggle packing, moving, marketing your home, and being the real estate agent taking calls, you might find yourself burnt out. If your dedicated real estate agent can get you more money because of their sophisticated marketing and through negotiations, then you might end up walking away with more money! 


All in all, if you are a California Homeowner who is considering selling, then please contact us today! We are experts in helping people sell and buy homes. Whether it is a trust sale, a property that you inherited, an investment property, or the sale of your primary residence, then KALEO Real Estate Company can help.

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