Buying or selling a home could be compared to a rollercoaster: there are ups and downs, surprises and smiles, and a fixed end to the ride (closing escrow).


A CNBC headline reporting “Home prices fell for the first time in 3 years” piqued many reader’s interest. With the seemingly endless run up of prices, it appears we finally hit our inflection point and home prices are coming down. This encourages home buyers who have been unlucky the past two years in getting an offer accepted. For others, that headline might prompt a nervousness about their home coming to market in the next months and whether they will get the price they want it to sell for. 
The roller coaster of a real estate transaction can take a lot out of you: emotionally, financially, and mental stress. As your real estate agents, we are coaching you through the deal, before before escrow (writing up offers or prepping your home for sale) and keeping us on track. 

What led to the cool-off of the market? Higher mortgage rates, housing affordability at all time lows, and the pandemic home buying frenzy waning. 
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