What signifies achievement or “making it” for you?

Is it a specific title at work, the number of followers on TikTok or Instagram, or how many cars you own?

BankRate reported that: “Nearly 75% of Americans say that owning a home is a more significant measure of achievement than having a successful career or even raising a family”.*

Homeownership was rated as the highest gauge of prosperity by 74% of survey respondents, beating out being able to retire (66%); having a successful career (60%); owning a car, truck, or other automobile (50%); having children (40%); and earning a college degree (35%).*

As a homeowner, most of you would say that buying your first house or the one you live in now was a good decision that you would make again. If you are considering buying a home or helping a close family member with buying a home, then you want to feel confident that it was a good decision.

Helping Home Buyers and Sellers Get What They Want

When KALEO Real Estate represent Sellers or Buyers, our real estate agents will spend a considerable amount of time talking about your WHY and your MOTIVATION. We want to know what will make the escrow successful in your mind.

Some sellers want a 2 month rent back in their home. Other sellers want showings in a specific 2 hour window on weekends. Some sellers want the quickest sale and others want a longer escrow to accommodate them buying their next house. 

Real estate transactions are not cookie-cutter. 


10 Real Estate Markets Where You Might Be Overpaying

Business Insider did an analysis on the housing market where home buyers are overpaying. They prepared a list of 10 of the most overpriced real estate markets in America, and lucky for my California home buyers, there were no California markets in the top 10.

What metropolitan markets are on that list?**

1. Boise, Idaho

2. Austin, Texas

3. Ogden, Utah

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Atlanta, Georgia

6. Phoenix, Arizona

7. Provo, Utah

8. Fort Myers, Florida

9. Spokane, Washington

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are toying with the idea of selling your home or buying this fall, please contact us today. Wee would love to share relevant information about what our local market is doing. Don’t wait until it is too late to get the advice and stats you need to make a decision. 


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