Home Buyers and Homeowners are both entranced with Smart Home technology. 
First, smartphones became a world phenomenon. Now, smart homes are sweeping the country. Forbes Magazine created a list of SmartHome features*. Which of these do you have in your home?
1. Integration
2. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
3. Touchless Tech
4. Smart Thermostats
5. Health Tech
6. At-Home Exercise (Like the Mirror)
7. Home Office
8. High-Speed Connection
9. High-Tech Security
10. Privacy Features 
Some of these items might sound unfamiliar, but they are being installed in homes at increasing rates, especially in new build developments. 
How important are smart home features for you? Do you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest Thermostat, Ring Doorbell, or other Smart Home Feature? 
Whether you have smart home devices installed or not, here are 3 smart things to do as a Homeowner:

1. Stay on top of home repairs and upgrades to prevent deferred maintenance. Routinely checking up on major systems like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and ensuring paint and exterior features are clean and weatherproofed.

2. Prepare an emergency kit. Do you know where your flashlights, extra water, and fire extinguisher are in your house? Create a designated emergency box with things that you would need in a natural disaster, fire, flood, or power outage. It is time spent today that you will thank yourself for later! 

3. Check your home value to see if it has changed! With this real estate market, home values can fluctuate: although, in general, most homes are worth more today than a couple years ago.

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