We love helping people like you! Valentine’s Day is a big day for retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Valentine’s Day Statistics

Florists generate 30 percent of their annual sales around Valentine’s Day. It is estimated that one billion dollars will be spent on Valentine’s Day greeting cards, $2.3 billion will be spent on flowers, and $2.2 billion will be spent on candy.* With those statistics, it is no wonder that businesses love Valentine’s Day. 


Did you know that 26% of marriages begin online? Additionally, 4 in 10 couples reported meeting their significant other through online dating according to WalletHub analysis*. If people are going online for love, then it shouldn’t surprise you that people go online for their home search too.

Loving Online Home Search

Zillow and Redfin are household names. Whether it is gleefully searching homes in Texas and Tennessee to see what you could afford if you sold your California home, or scrolling through neighboring cities to get ideas for backyard entertaining or remodeling: we all love looking at homes. 


Ninety five percent of home buyers used online tools in their home search process.** National Association of REALTORS study on home buyers and home sellers also revealed that most sellers ended up moving because they either wanted to move close to friends and family, their current home was too small, or that their neighborhood had become less desirable. 

Questions about Today’s Market

Today’s headlines are reporting on rising mortgage interest rates, a booming spring real estate market, and record breaking inflation. 

You might have the following questions: 
– “Did I miss out on the opportunity to sell at the height of the market?”
– “Am I going to be able to buy with mortgage rates increasing?”
– “If I do sell, how am I going to find something to buy?”
– “How can I buy if I need to sell at the same time, but don’t want to move twice?”

– “Do I have to do repairs on my home to sell it?”

These are the questions best discussed in person and not with your Google Search bar. If you have leftover Valentine’s Day candy to share, want to grab a cup of coffee or sit down at our office, send us an email and we can put something on the calendar.


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