This year, 2021 has set records in gas prices, home prices, temperatures, and more.

We’ve seen the rise of hybrid workspaces as businesses reintegrate their remote workers into the physical office; the comeback of the 90s and early 2000s fashion trends; and the power of social media in the spread of news, information, and ideas. Schools brought students back on campus and parents were relieved to be done with distance learning (and Zoom exhaustion).

In the housing market, this summer was white hot with single digit days on market, record breaking home prices, absurd numbers of offers on properties (50+ offers on one house), as well as big wins for home sellers who were moving out of state or downsizing. 

Post holidays, we anticipate that the real estate market will pick up speed again. Home is still a core part of the human experience. Your home is where you live, sleep, and eat. As we continue to feel the effects of the pandemic on our social structure, psychology, and lives, the space that we live in will be important to us. The large kitchen might have been important in 2020 when everyone was working from home, but in 2022 when social gatherings are even more common, that large kitchen will evolve into the space where big celebrations happen. 

This holiday season, some favorite songs on our holiday playlist include…

– the classics by Frank Sinatra

– Michael Buble

– whatever is playing on the radio

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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