Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays can become Hassled Holidays because of commitments, expectations, and To-Do lists. Last year, coronavirus reduced the number of social activities, parties, and gatherings which made for a more isolated but also peaceful holiday season. With holiday events popping up on your calendar again, what are some ways to minimize stress?


10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress:

  1. Do a “Secret Santa” or holiday gift exchange with friends and family where each person buys for one other person. Set a price limit and enjoy the simplicity of shopping for 1 big ticket item instead of a dozen smaller gifts. 
  2. Decorate Sparingly – Even if you are a huge holiday decor person, the stress of pulling out all your Christmas decorations, lights, and wreaths can be overwhelming. Instead of decorating the whole house, choose one room or pull out your favorite pieces. Any decorations that you haven’t used in years — take those to your local thrift shop or Goodwill for them to second life with someone else. 
  3. Choose an “event free” day after traveling and parties. Block out your rest day and say No to anything on that day.
  4.  Instead of hosting a formal sit-down dinner, host a potluck. Alternatively, host a dessert or appetizer only party.
  5. Say Yes to store bought! It is okay to not make it homemade (and sometimes store bought is almost as good).
  6. Wrap all your presents with the same paper or reuse brown paper bags (there is a use for your Trader Joe’s bags).
  7. Get outside! Sunlight boosts your mood.
  8. Don’t skimp on sleep! Sleep is crucial to our health, immune system, and energy levels throughout the day. Prioritize your sleep schedule even if that means less late night Instagram scrolling or TV shows. 
  9. Stay consistent with the routines that recharge you — your morning walk, meal prep on Sunday, or listening to your favorite podcast. 
  10. Drink lots of water and herbal tea to stay hydrated. 
What are your tips for reducing holiday stress?


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