With Thanksgiving around the corner on Thursday November 25th, this month is geared around gratitude. One of the unfortunate results of the pandemic was increased economic distress and food scarcity. If you are looking for ways to give back, here is one opportunity: a donation drive. Our office is a collection point for Shepherd’s Pantry, a local food bank and charitable organization. We are collecting canned foods, non-perishable, and hygiene products for those in need. Toothbrushes, canned tuna, pasta, baby wipes, the list goes on! 

Shepherd’s Pantry states that “One of our main goals is to reduce homelessness by helping families remain in their homes by providing food/clothing so they can use their limited financial resources for rent, utilities, etc.” As REALTORs, we know the importance of home. Home can be a place that you rent or own. 

Volunteering at food pantries, schools, community centers, churches, and other organizations can have big positive effects in neighborhoods. When you are a long-time resident of a city, you know that all the involvement you have at the local level has a far reaching impacts. What happens in our schools, our community centers, and downtown events has the ability to be good for everyone. 

You might find extra canned goods and hygiene products in your pantry or storage. Pantries are one of those prized features for home buyers and they inadvertently sometimes become storage units for food that you forgot you had! Built in shelves, walk-in kitchen pantries, and extra cabinets are some of my favorite home features too. 

Join me this month in focusing on gratitude. We can be grateful for small things (an extra hour of sleep) or a good cup of coffee in the morning, as well as the big things like family, friends, good health, and a city that we love to live in. 

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