Although we might not have the golden yellows and red leaves that mark the changing seasons, we experience cooler days and less sunlight in the evening. October can be a fantastic time to buy or sell your home. Home buyers looking in October can open up escrow and close before the holidays. Sellers can enjoy a post-summer wave of buyers entering the market and close their sale before the end of the year.

6 Fall Festive Activities

If you are looking for activities for the last couple weeks of October, here are 6 ideas:

1. Enjoy Festive Foods – Stock up on your favorite Pumpkin, Maple, and Apple Spice flavored foods. Trader Joe’s has a plethora of options. Maple coffee, unfiltered apple cider, or a simple pumpkin bread loaf. What is your favorite fall food?

2. Plan your Halloween – (it will sneak up on you with a “Boo!”). Some communities are hosting trick or treating and pumpkin patches. Otherwise, invite friends over for a spooky Halloween dinner or costume party. 

3. Start Planning Your Holiday Shopping – Supply chain issues and the increase  in online shopping means that you might want to start early (or at least set your budget early). Amazon and most online retailers are bracing themselves for the holiday rush. Start early and then relax!

4. Swap Summer for Fall – Put away beach towels and bring out your soft blankets. Mid-October is a great month to deep clean the house and organize so that when you bring out holiday decorations, you are starting with a fresh slate.

5. Donate Canned Goods – With Thanksgiving around the corner, food pantries and shelters need canned goods and pantry staples. You might be surprised by the cans you’ve been keeping that you won’t use! Look online at to find an organization near you

6. Drive to See Autumn Leaves – Trees don’t change colors like they do here like in Vermont and New England, but you can drive up to Lake Arrowhead, Forest Falls, or Big Bear to catch some changing colors.

It is never too early to reach out to me about selling — even if you aren’t planning to sell until spring of 2022 — our team of real estate agents can help you develop a timeline and go over your options. It might be advantageous  to you to sell sooner!

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