What are some signs that the school year is about to begin? When three ring binders, lined paper, and Ziploc sandwich bags are sold out on the shelves at Target?

The school year not only influences store inventory, but can also influence traffic patterns, schedules, and when people decide to move. Some people prefer to shop for a home and move-in all before the school year starts. Others want their summer vacation untouched and start their home search once kids are back in school. 

Coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way we view education (with many colleges teaching classes remotely) and the way teachers teach (the rise of Google Classroom, online grades management, and 30+ kids on video in “class”). The pandemic also influenced home purchases and preferences with work and school commutes and the desire for home offices or home classrooms. For some home buyers, distance to schools became less important because they plan to utilize virtual options or value a bigger home versus proximity to schools. 

If you are buying near a school consider:

  • Do you have kids, plan to have kids, and how long would they be at that school?
  • Do you mind traffic in the morning and afternoon as drop-offs and pick-ups are happening? 
  • Can you hear any school bells or activity from your house?

School districts can be an important aspect of why a person might want to move into a city. As a REALTORs, we are able to run searches in our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for all homes for sale within a specific school district. We can also pull a list of homes for sale within a certain distance of a school. If you are curious about how the schools inside your district compare to California state averages, then just ask! Are you interested in buying or selling? We’d love to help you make the next step. Let’s talk!

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