This is currently a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean that selling your house is foolproof. Some homes sell for $100,000 over list price, and some are selling below. It all depends on the original list price, location, demand for that type of property, and how well the home was marketed. There are still best practices you should follow before selling your home.

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when selling your house: 

1. Not Knowing Your Why – It is not wise to list your house without knowing your motivation. Are you trying to move quickly or make the most money? Is it important to you because you are moving out of state or because you are downsizing? Communicate your Why to your real estate agent so they can best serve you. 

2. Not Choosing the Right REALTOR – The best agent for you might not be the one with the most sales in the area, awards, or years of experience. The right REALTOR for you is one that you trust, like, and want to work with for the next 30-90 days. Search through our list of real estate agents at KALEO Real Estate Company to find one that fits your needs. 

3. Overpricing the House – It can be tempting to price aggressively over the last sold home in your neighborhood, but statistics and past experiences makes us strongly discourage overpricing. Especially in a quick moving market, home buyers are leery of properties that are sitting on the market. You want to attract the most attention as possible and that means having a strategy behind the list price.  In your pre-listing consultation with one of our real estate agents, you can review the options and strategies behind what price you go to market at. 

4. Think About Small Details and Not Big Picture – Selling your house involves so many details from whether you are depersonalizing your home (taking down family portraits) to when you are scheduling showings. It is easy to get stressed out about the inconveniences and details. When you select your real estate agent, they are your guide through the listing and escrow process. Although it can feel frustrating for a buyer to request a $800 repair during escrow, if they bought $30,000 over asking price, sometimes making small concessions can help close the deal. 

What have you learned from buying or selling your home? Share with us! 

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