What is your favorite holiday dessert? A Peppermint Ice Cream Shake, a cup of Eggnog, or a homemade Christmas cookie. Chick-Fil-A has an incredible peppermint chip shake and several locations have their drive-throughs decorated with Christmas lights! Grabbing a holiday themed dessert in your car is a fun socially distanced activity to add some holiday cheer. 

2021 Home Design Trends

As we wrap up this year and predictions are made for 2021, the trends will be all over the place. Mask fashion? Luxury hand sanitizer? Increase in online shopping and virtual consultations? The pandemic will have long lasting impacts on consumer behavior. Here are a few of the home design trends slated for 2021*:


1 – Outdoor heaters and patio firepits:

Socially distancing requirements shifted gatherings outside, but enjoying your backyard year round can be hard when our Southern California temperatures dip. 

2 – Warmer Palettes and Design Materials:

Home should be comforting and restful, as well as upbeat. Gray is out. Color is in? Soft greens, blush pink, even turquoise, citrus green, and plush textures like velvet are coming into style. If you already have a gray interior, then consider experimenting with bold plush pillows in a deep purple or blue to brighten up your space.  

3 – Bold Wall Colors:

Neutral paint colors have dominated the trends for the past few years, but colorful walls are back in style. Look for them in the dining room, office, entry way, and other rooms as a way to make a statement.  

4 – Comfort:

The more you are at home, the more you want your living room to be functional and not formal. Think overstuffed couches, ottomans, traditional style, and the plush blankets and pillows from a Pottery Barn display. 


5 – Two-for-One Kitchens:

All show in the front, all workspace in the back. Two-for-one kitchens are the solution for kitchens in an open floorplan when a cook is frustrated by not having walls and having the kitchen prep visible. The two-for-one kitchen splits the kitchen and adds a divide. 

What design trends are you predicting for 2021? 


The 2020 Annual Housing Market Survey by California Association of Realtors*** was released and the data confirms what we “boots-on-the-ground REALTORs” already know: that home buying preferences have changed since the pandemic began. Home buyers are wanting the home that they are purchasing to be bigger, with more rooms, in the suburbs, and even at times in rural areas over suburban or urban areas! What is not a high priority? Commute time.

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