Most people might know the quote from the movie Princess Diaries, but Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” We would modify this quote and say: Gratitude is not the absence of hardship, but rather the assessment that there are good things to be thankful for in spite of the hardship.

This year has been difficult: coronavirus, job losses, political upheaval, disconnect and isolation from friends and family, and more. 

You might not be feeling grateful today or this week. You might be eating Thanksgiving alone or with only a couple people instead of the boisterous extended family gathering that you’ve enjoyed traditionally. 

It is hard to look at this Thanksgiving and have the same glib attitude — warm pumpkin pie in your belly, capital “T” Thankfulness — that we have had in the past. 

We are challenging ourselves and others to fight for gratitude. Being grateful does not mean that there are tough scenarios that we are faced with. It is simply acknowledging that we can be grateful for a good cup of coffee (the freshly ground beans, not K-Cup), a crisp morning, a life-giving phone call with an old friend, or finishing a walk around the block in good health. 


3 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving Holiday

Do you have a jar of peanut butter? Coronavirus has depleted food banks and pantries of their much needed supplies. We are collecting jars of peanut butter for our local food bank. If you want to donate canned goods or peanut butter, then contact us today or call 626-609-2130



One way to give back this Thanksgiving season is to volunteer. In Southern California, there are many homeless shelters, food pantries, and other organization that can use extra hands and volunteers.

Shepherd’s Pantry has locations in Glendora, Irwindale and Baldwin Park. Learn more here:

Inland Valley Hope Partners has Food Security Programs, Housing Programs, and Healthy Living Programs through Inland Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Learn more here: 

Feeding America estimates that 1 in 9 people in the United States struggles with hunger and COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem. Connect with their local food banks and learn more here: 



Donating canned goods and nonperishables to local food banks is one amazing way to give back. If you do not want to donate canned goods, then you can donate a lump sum of money or gift card to a grocery store. 

Spread the Word

Once you have donated or volunteered, then spread awareness about the needs of local food pantries. Many people have a heart to get involved, but do not know how exactly to get involved. Talk with friends and family about how you can get involved together. Maybe you can volunteer the same day or organize a group to donate a certain number of cans. 

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