Has quarantine and lazy summer weekends with no out-of-town plans made you consider planting a home garden? You’re not alone! Although summer isn’t the best time to plant, you can still use the extra daylight to build planter boxes, maintain an existing garden, and do backyard projects. 

Real Simple*** magazine gave 6 tips for gardening during the summer. 

1. Be smart with watering and water a couple times per week for longer periods of time, instead of more frequently for less time
2. Don’t water at night, water in the morning
3. Add extra mulch or Miracle-Gro to your soil 
4. Prune dead branches, leaves, and debris away from other plants
5. Fight bugs and pests 
6. Add shade to block the harsh summer sun

Especially with stay-at-home orders and suggestions to reduce travel and activities, it is nice to enjoy an evening outside on the patio, reading a book in the garden, or playing cornhole on the grass. How are you using your backyard during the summer? 


Real Estate Update for July 2020

Here are a few real estate statistics brought to you by the California Association of Realtors this July: 


  • Showings are up 56.2 percent from the same time in 2019
  • Weekly mortgage applications are up from last year
  • The personal savings rate of Americans is at record highs! In April, the personal savings rate was 32.2 percent; in May it was 23.2 percent, compared to 8.4 percent in February
  • Consumer confidence increased from 85.9 in May to 98.1 in June

How will the personal savings rate affect the real estate market in the months and years to come? As jobs return, will people use savings for down payments for houses, vacations, or home improvements? Will people continue to save more and stay home more? Only time will tell what the long term effects of coronavirus are.

As C.A.R. explains,

Buyers are back in force as record low mortgage rates and pent-up demand drive interest. However, the lack of new listings – supply from both existing housing stock and new constructions – continues to be an obstacle to the recovering process and the latest Coronavirus resurgence will add more uncertainty to the overall big picture.“*

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