As we enter the dog days of summer — brutal heat, long afternoons, and boredom setting in — it is important to look at the sunny side. 


Here are 4 sunny stories from our office:

1 – An agent helped a young couple buy their first home and lock in an amazing below 3 percent interest rate! This can be a great time for first time home buyers because of low mortgage rates. Low mortgage rates mean lower monthly payments! 

2 – A property that was previously an investment property was successfully listed and sold during the lockdown!

3 – Agents helped people who were not quite ready to buy their own home get into a lease! Yes — a real estate agent can help you find a rental and represent you! 

4 – Another agent showed a brand new home and helped their client get into a beautiful new construction — and yes, I can help you find a new build home too! 

Nine Ways to Enjoy a COVID Summer

With those success stories setting a bright tone, here are 9 ways to make the best of this summer. Whether you are at home because of a change in work situation or you are always home during the summer — that would teachers, students, & stay-at-home parents —  2020 July and August does not have to be a disappointment. It is all about setting the right expectations about what can and can’t be done. It will be a different summer, but you can still have fun! 

1. Help out local businesses who are reopening by swinging by your favorite coffee shop, bakery, or restaurant. Even if you can’t dine-in, support the restaurants by choosing a local place over a chain. 

2. Challenge yourself to try a new workout. If you always do yoga, try a kickboxing class. If you always do Crossfit, try a Pilates class or go for a run. Depending on the restrictions where you live, watch online unless you feel comfortable with in-person training at gyms and workout studios that have reopened

3. Write a handwritten note to a family member or friend who lives far away instead of hopping on another Zoom call. Find a summer penpal! 

4. Have a movie marathon for Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. If you are not into fantasy or sci-fi, then pick an actor or actress and watch 4 of their greatest (or worst) movies back to back! (Leonardo DiCaprio: The Titanic, Inception, Catch Me If You Can, The Great Gatsby, Shutter Island) 

5. Try out a no-bake recipe or crank the air conditioning and have a baking day

6. Have a board game tournament and rotate which games are played (Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary)

7. Go for a hike (go early or late unless there is shade)

8. Start a summer reading club and choose to read 1 book per month! You only have to join for 3 months and you should have more time to get through the book! 

9. Find a pool! Do you have a friend, family, or neighbor with a pool? If not, find a community pool that has reopened and bring your towel and goggles


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