Week by week for the past couple months we have had our “normal” turned upside down. As we’ve adjusted to new information, changes in policy, unexpected city and state mandates, and interruptions to our routine, we have become more resilient. We are getting closer to certain stay-at-home ordinances being lifted, but it would be unreasonable to expect for things to snap back to a pre-COVID world. 


Lessons Learned from COVID-19 from a Real Estate Brokerage and REALTOR’s Perspective

One: People still buy and sell real estate

1. People still buy and sell real estate regardless of the economy, timing, or season because they need to make a move due to life events — new jobs, new babies, smaller or bigger families, and any other life event that doesn’t fit into schedule. It surprised even us seeing people list and buy during the first few days after it was confirmed that we were an essential service in Los Angeles County

Two: REALTORS are Connectors 

2. REALTORS serve a unique role in the community because we are connected with residents, businesses, and the city. This means we get to share information and stay updated so that we can communicate back to our clients to clear up confusion! Our real estate agents communicate on a weekly basis with clients through email newsletters, social media, and in personal conversations. 

Three: The Real Estate Industry is Dynamic and Strong

3. The real estate industry is strong and committed to protecting client needs. The California Association of Realtors moved quickly creating new forms and disclosures to ensure that home sellers and home buyers were aware of risks, informed about entering properties, and to address the curveball that coronavirus can put in an escrow. It makes us proud knowing that the state and national REALTOR associations can pivot and address the needs of our clients in real-time! 

Four: Our Brokerage is High-Tech and Responsive

4. Our business integrates virtual technology and marketing techniques that helps put listings into escrow within a few days — even in listings that went live mid-April! With our virtual home buyer and virtual home seller programs, we help clients with 3D tours, electronic signing, Zoom meetings, and more!


Bigger Lessons and Trials of COVID-19

Some of us will come out of this having lost loved ones, lost jobs, cancelled plans, or worse. We might be frustrated, confused, grieved or angry. But we are not alone, whether we are isolated physically or 6 feet apart. We are in this together and together we will get through this. 

Los Angeles County is scheduled to begin the phases of opening up the economy in these next few weeks and the Stay-at-Home order is lifted May 15, 2020. However, there are no switches to go back to “normal”.



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