Moving is hard.


Packing up everything, switching addresses, living out of a box, creating new routines, ordering appliances, and redecorating can be stressful and hectic.


You know what shouldn’t be stressful?

Your phone calls with your agent.

Your emails and texts with your agent.

At KALEO Real Estate Company, we help our clients with moving by providing quality information and service, alleviating the stress, and being your advocate. Call us your stress-buffer.  


If your 2020 Goals list includes buying or selling your house, then please sit down with one of our real estate agents over coffee and map out how and when that can happen. Pick their brain about real estate and home buying. 

4 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Success with Your 2020 Goals

10 pull-ups, go to the gym 4 times per week, get 7 hours of sleep, read 5 books, save $15,000. What do all these goals have in common? They all have a number. Quantitative goals (goals with a measurable quantity) are better for “keeping score” with yourself.

Here are 4 tips for setting your 2020 Resolutions and Goals:

1. Set a number, instead of “more” or “less”. For example: if you want to eat less sugar, then craft a goal like this: “I want to stay away from any processed sugar 3 days per week or not eat foods with more than 10 grams of sugar per serving”

2. Change your perspective from all-or-nothing to incremental progress. For example: If your goal is to run more, start by giving yourself a 5K race to compete in, not setting a marathon as a Quarter 1 goal.

3. Track your goals with visual aids! The simple method of creating 3 boxes at the start of the week for going on 3 after dinner walks and checking the boxes as you walk is surprisingly effective. 

4. Write your goals down and review them every month. Remind yourself that not meeting an annual goal by the end of February is okay! If your goal is to save for a down payment and purchase in May, then scale your saving by month so that you don’t feel pressure to have the whole amount saved by January 31. 


2020 California Housing Market Forecast

The 2020 California Housing Market Forecast provided by the California Association of Realtors was released September 26, 2019. It includes the following predictions:

1. The average 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate will dip to 3.7 percent

2. The housing affordability index will remain roughly the same as in 2019 at 32%

3. The median sales price is forecast to increase by 2.5 percent

4. The median sales price is forecast at $607,900

#1 should be great news to anyone thinking of buying a home.


Whether your 2020 goals are fitness, business, personal, family, finance, or travel-related, go get them! 


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