Frank Sinatra might be crooning on all the local radio stations (and streaming apps), but sometimes the holidays don’t feel happy: they feel stressful. With work, school, families, friends, travel, and shopping, the holidays can bring stress and exhaustion. 


9 Ways to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

How do you combat stress during the holidays? Here are 9 ways to reduce your stress and increase your quality of life during December. 


  1. Instead of hosting a formal sit-down dinner, make it a potluck. If you still want to provide the food, make it appetizers and dessert


  1. Say “Yes” to store bought! It is okay to not make it from scratch. Making a veggie tray? Buy the premade platter. Baking pies? Use premade crust! 


  1. Wrap all your presents with the same paper or put everything in gift bags! Not every present has to be uniquely packaged! 


    1. Use disposable plates for events you host to minimize dish-washing


        1. Select an “event free” day after traveling and parties. Say “No” to any invites! 


              1. Take a walk! Walking is known to reduce stress and release endorphins. Even 10-15 minutes in the sun makes a difference


                      1. Turn off your phone for the first hour when you wake up and the hour before you go to sleep


                                1. Limit your sugar and alcohol intake to avoid feeling tired and sluggish from back-to-back parties. Increase your fruit & vegetable intake! 


                                            1. Drink lots of water and herbal tea to stay hydrated 


                                            What are your tips for reducing holiday stress?


                                            4 Economic Updates for Winter 2019

                                            You might feel like you’re in a holiday snowglobe, but what is going on in the U.S. and state economy right now? 

                                            Mortgage Rates

                                            1 – Mortgage rates are hovering around 3.66 percent, increasing buyer’s purchasing power. Learn who the best mortgage lenders of 2019 are here including the best FHA loans!  


                                            2 – Refinances are at a 4 year high in October 2019 with homeowners taking advantage of low interest rates 

                                            Apartment Sizes By States

                                            3 – California and New York have the 2 largest apartments in terms of square footage. Even if the rent is high, Californians like their space! 

                                            Homeownership Among Minorities

                                            4 – Homeownership among African Americans and Hispanic Americans increased in Quarter 3 2019


                                            We hope your holiday season is less stressful and more fun! If you are looking for a home this holiday season, search for real estate for sale near you with our interactive map property search! You can contact us to help you with your winter real estate goals or find out what your home is worth here! 

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