“I am so tired of how expensive California is. Rent, a cup of coffee, and $5 gas. I want out!”


Chances are you have heard murmurs (or grumbles) of California residents planning to move out of sunny CA to a different state. 


Roughly 1 in 4 current California homeowners who are considering a move say that their next home location will be out of state. The top states considered were Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon). This is 25 percent of homeowners who have a plan to move, not homeowners in general. 


Have you heard a neighbor or friend say that they want to get out of state? Given the statistics, that is not surprising. Our office has worked with multiple sellers who are moving out of state. In fact, we have connected those sellers with REALTORS we know out of state  — REALTORS who we have built relationships with through the National Association of Realtors — and those sellers have made smooth transitions. 


California will not be home to everyone. 


The California Association of REALTORS 2018 State of the Consumers found that 31% of buyers considered purchasing in another state. That is 1 in 3 buyers!

When asked why they ended up buying in California, they cited the following key reasons:
  • 38% because they like the city/state
  • 20% because of a job, family, and friends
  • 11% because of the familiarity and hometown

Moving out of state or within California to a different county or part of the state is still a big decision.

With any real estate decision, there are usually compromises. You might give up a 4,000 square foot home in Idaho to buy an 1,800 square foot home in California to be close to your grandkids or aging parents.

Have you considered moving out of state?

If you are toying with the idea of buying or selling, and you have questions that you want answered, please pick up the phone next time you have 5 minutes to talk. 

In 5 minutes, we can get a better idea of what questions you need answered and we can schedule a time to meet in person to go over the timeline, process, and details.




SOURCE: California Association of Realtors, 2018 State of the Consumer 

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