Halloween is this Thursday October 31! Will you be celebrating in costume, trick-or-treating in the evening, or staying home and watching a movie (Halloween or not)?  


5 Things that Scare Home  Buyers

This time of year makes me think about what might scare people from buying a home. Here are five things that can scare away home buyers:

1. Repairs –

If you walk into the open house and see broken doors and cabinets, older screens, and peeling paint, then the dollar signs start dancing across a buyer’s eyes. Repairs can be costly, but it is not only the money that can intimidate buyers. Repairs mean time and energy too! 

2. Smells –

Nobody wants a mystery smell to greet them in the kitchen, bathroom, or closet. Smells could be from old food, trash, mold, pets, or something else, but it certainly doesn’t instill confidence in a prospective buyer! 

3. Popcorn Ceilings –

A lot of homes have them, but why? The popcorn ceilings of the 1970s and 1980s are now being scraped, which usually means some extra money allocated for their safe and thorough removal. 

4. Dirt, dust, and grime –

Was the toilet last scrubbed in 1995? Is there grime on the appliances and between floor boards? Home buyers can be deterred by properties that require a deep cleaning. They either have to pull up their work gloves or hire someone to clean up. 

5. Outdated wallpaper, carpet, and wood paneling –

Certain outdated features are tough to disguise with more modern furnishings. Wallpaper, shag carpet, and dark wood paneling on walls can reduce the appeal of a listing. 

If we are honest with ourselves, then we will all admit that real estate transactions can be scary! 


As homeowners, we might be nervous that our home will sit on the market for weeks before selling or that a buyer might submit a long list of requested repairs. On a personal level, we might be scared of the change from one city to another, or downsizing from a larger home into a smaller property.

Our real estate agents at KALEO Real Estate Company take their fiduciary responsibility with seriousness and honor. Each of our REALTORS carry the responsibilities of loyalty, honesty, and care in all their interactions with clients. You might be scared of purchasing a home because a 30-year mortgage is the biggest financial commitment that you have ever made! It is scary, whether it is the first home you are buying or your 4th! This is where your real estate agent comes in to alleviate stress and answer questions. 


3 Ways A Real Estate Agent Makes Real Estate Transactions Less Scary

What are 3 ways a real estate agent makes a home buying and home selling less scary?
1. Our agents answer their phones
2. Our agents listen to you

3. Our agents advocate for you


Home buying and home selling doesn’t have to be scary. Let a KALEO Real Estate Company agent help you today! 



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