Welcome to fall!

Have you bought a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks to celebrate fall? The Washington Post had an interesting article on the history of the popularity of Pumpkin Spice*. A few decades ago, grocery stores were not stocking shelves with pumpkin flavored products. This year Trader Joe’s has dozens of pumpkin spice flavored products from bagels, coffee, granola, cream cheese, and ice cream.  From an economic perspective, one of the reasons pumpkin spice is successful is because it is a limited time offer! You can’t buy pumpkin spice waffle mix in April (and some of you might think that is a good thing.)


Two Fall Activities for Fun with Friends and Family

The first day of fall is Monday September 23! Although most of Southern California will not see red, orange, and yellow leaves, there are still ways to get into the fall spirit in Southern California! Pumpkin patches and apple picking are two fun autumn activities with friends or the whole family.    

Pumpkin patches start popping up this week and apple picking is popular in Oak Glen. With the slightly cooler weather after our early September heat wave, it is time to bring out a sweater!

Here are a few local pumpkin patches:  

Here are a few places to go apple picking:


Selling or Buying House in the Fall

Fall is a great time to buy or sell.

It is worth repeating: fall is a great time to buy or sell, not just April or summer.

If you are currently renting, I would love for you to message or email me so we can see whether purchasing a home might make more sense. If you are a home owner and are curious about how much your home has gone up in value, please ask! I can run a comparative market analysis based on homes that have sold nearby and get you a rough estimate. 

Just like how a pumpkin spice latte isn’t on the menu all year round, an amazing property doesn’t last long on the market. In a sense, every home listed is a limited time offer. There is no guarantee that in 6 months there will be another property like that on the market. Why not make an offer on a home that you love? 

KALEO Real Estate Company works with home buyers and home sellers in Southern California who are looking for a decidingly different and refreshingly customized real estate experience. Find an agent that suits your needs! 




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