Did you leave for work today before 7am? If you did, then you are in the same boat as roughly 30% of Los Angeles County. Do you have a commute of longer than 30 minutes? So does over half of LA county (51.5 percent to be exact). Everyone who is thinking “Wow, 30 minutes sounds like a dream. I am in the car for over an hour” might be surprised to learn that 14.9 percent of LA county residents travel more than 60 minutes to work.  


If you are leaving before 7am and you have a commute of more than 60 minutes, then where you live in relation to where you work is definitely front and center in your mind. Do you live where you do because you love where you live (i.e. you work in a downtown LA skyrise and love the quiet streets of Glendora)? Lots of us choose where we live because it is the most affordable option. Finding a property that satisfies the (1) close to work, (2) affordable, and (3) a nice neighborhood is a tough dilemma sometimes in Southern California. 


Commuting bites into a huge chunk of the day. Commuting can gobble up time that you would rather spend with friends, family, exercising, pursuing hobbies, relaxing, or sleeping in. Quality of life should be a priority when you are thinking about where you live.  


5 Things to Do While Commuting

Here are 5 ways to pass the time on a long commute to and from work:

Listen to Podcasts

There are so many different podcasts to download and stream during your commute. A few of our favorites are: NPR Planet Money, Freakonomics, and How I Built This. 

Call a Friend

Catch up with a friend or family member! Chatting can pass the time and plus you will stay connected with people that you can’t see after work. 

Listen to Music

Become the music connoisseur of your friend group by listening to up and coming artists on Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora.


Download the latest novel or non-fiction book of your choice and check off the “Read More” goal on your New Year’s Goals list that you never seem to be able to achieve. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to read when you have a long commute.

Plan the Day

Dictate into your phone notes, mentally map out your meetings, and rehearse sales pitches, meetings, and presentations by giving them to your windshield.


Commute Burnout

Everyone can reach a point that the commute is too much: commute burnout. You have a couple options:


Buckle up and buckle down. Keep commuting and find a way to enjoy it

Switch jobs to something closer to home

Move closer to your work


If you are thinking about moving closer to work, call us! Our team of real estate agents will help you find a property.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates  

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