June is almost halfway through! Graduation parties, the last day of school, and a few months without school and extracurricular activities is ahead!  Summer is the smell of BBQs wafting through the neighborhood, long cool evenings after a scorching day, road trips, and vacation. Summer boredom and surviving heat waves can sometimes take away the fun of June, July, and August.

With longer daylight hours and warmer days, it is easier to squeeze in a mini-adventure after work or on the weekend. Do the summer boredom blues ever hit? If you write a list at the beginning of summer, whenever the summer boredom hits you, look at your list and pick something to do! 


14 Summer Activities in Southern California

Here are 14 Summer Activities that are free or almost free to put on your list: 
  1. Day trip to the beach (Avoid the crowds of Huntington Beach and head to a lesser known beach or go on a weekday)
  2. Go to a concert in the park. Glendora, La Verne, Seal Beach, Pasadena, Corona, Monrovia and lots of other Southern California cities host free concerts in the park during the summer!
  3. Go to the Getty Museum in LA or Getty Villa in Malibu if you are up for the drive
  4. Have a movie marathon for Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. If you are not into fantasy or sci-fi, then pick an actor or actress and watch 4 of their greatest (or worst) movies back to back! (Meryl Streep: Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, Out of Africa, and Doubt)
  5. Try out a no-bake recipe or crank the air conditioning and have a baking day
  6. Host a block party or BBQ potluck for your neighborhood. It is a great way to meet your neighbors!
  7. Have a board game tournament and rotate which games are played (Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary)
  8. Go for a hike (go early or late unless there is shade)
  9. Go to an evening movie in the park! Glendora, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and other cities host free movies in the park or indoor locations for residents
  10. Go to a downtown that you haven’t been to before and get coffee and a pastry! Downtown Redlands, downtown Glendora, downtown Monrovia, and downtown Pasadena all have great bakery and coffee shop options! 
  11. Start a summer reading club and choose to read 1 book per month! You only have to join for 3 months and you should have more time to get through the book! 
  12. Plan a weekend camping trip! San Diego, Santa Barbara, Big Bear, and the San Bernardino mountains all offer camping sites under a couple hours away! If you are up for a 4-6 hour drive, then the Sequoias, Big Sur, Yosemite, and Mammoth are all within driving distance of the Los Angeles basin
  13. Find a pool! Do you have a friend, family, or neighbor with a pool? If not, find a community pool and bring your towel and goggles
  14. Choose a food category (dessert, Italian food, tacos, burritos, sushi) and try a new restaurant/shop each week or month! Break out of your comfort zone and favorite spot and try something new! 


What is your favorite way to prevent boredom during the summer? If summer has you wishing that you had a pool or bigger backyard to host BBQs, then our real estate agents would love to help you find your dream house. Make the most of summer days with a pool home or patio for entertaining.


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