Have you ever started a road trip without looking at a map, deciding your final destination, or choosing your route? What cities are you stopping in? Do you have a full tank of gas? Are your tires full and do you have a water bottle next to the driver’s seat? 

Starting the home buying process without a real estate agent might feel like starting a road trip without a plan, blindfolded, and not sure how you will get there. 

Buying a home — even if you are currently a home owner — can be confusing.  


The Trip for a Home Owner to Buy A Home

In fact, if you are a home owner, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of decisions and shifting parts: location of your work, kid’s schools, future kid’s schools, neighborhood, selling your house before buying, moving furniture, financing, contingencies, and out-of-pocket costs. 

It is overwhelming to do that alone. 

A REALTOR does not just show you homes for sale and go with you to open houses. As a seller, a REALTOR does not just sign a listing contract with you and present buyer’s offers to you.  

Our real estate agents are here for you: the nitty gritty, day-to-day, road trip to owning the home you want. 

Realtors as Information Gatherers

Your REALTOR will ask you questions to gather information and figure out what your goals are. REALTORS are professionals who have gone through escrows with different clients, different timelines, cities, and nuances.

What type of questions will your REALTOR ask you?

  • Where do you want to go? 

  • Why do you want to move? 

  • What is your #1 priority? 

  • What are you most excited about with this new place? 


As you answer these questions, you should have a better idea of what type of trip towards home ownership you’re going on. Are you leaving for the trip today or in 2 years?

Realtors as Your Tour Guide

I am here to guide you from start to finish: 

  • First step, let’s get you pre-approved with a lender. 

  • Here are the new homes on the market and ones that sold, let’s see 4 homes for sale on Saturday. 

  • These are your rights of cancellation. 

  • Let’s look at the contract together. 

  • Let me explain what the home inspection is for and when it is scheduled 

Realtors Show You The Map

Working with one of our agents, you will feel like you are on road trip towards home ownership with a clear itinerary, highlighted directions, circled cities to stop in, reservations, snacks, and a fantastic destination. 

The best thing you could do if you are considering home buying or selling your home is reaching out to one of our agents. They will start the conversation and make sure that you see the map ahead of you. 


Housing Market Update

What is the latest update in the real estate market? 

  • Homeownership tenure (or how long homeowners stay put before moving) is 8.05 years* (which is down from the previous quarter) 

  • San Jose, CA and San Francisco, CA have some of the longest homeownership tenure at just over 10 years 

  • Mortgage interest rates are 30 basis points lower than what they were last year** 

  • Sale of new single-family homes increased 4.5% from February 2019 and 3% from March 2018** 

  • Mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.2% 

Are you ready to road trip towards that new home? 

Whether the “road trip” towards your new home is 2, 10, or 2000 miles away from where you are currently living, we would love to be on the journey with you, helping you along the way. 





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